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Susanne Swegen, a Swedish freelance

interiordesigner & concept stylist, based in Oslo.

My background is from Ikea Communications in Sweden, where I worked with Ikea catalog for 5 years fully employed,

the biggest print in the whole world.

I have over 25 years of experience in interior design

& concept styling, from the idé to the final result.


I work with editorials, commercials /commercials for film /

3D styling, catalouges, and private interior concept.

My portfolio contains a number of selected people I work with, to make  a small production of a commercial,  e.g. 

photographers, filmmakers, carpenters, transport companies,

3D company, graphic designers & text writers.

Selected Clients, Tonning & Stryn, Hagen AS,Pur Norsk,

Berry Alloc, Christiania Glasmagasin, Ikea Communication Sverige,

Ikea Retail Services, Ikea Norway, Røros Tweed, Høie, Arven,

Bjørklund, Bonnier Media, Bo Bedre, Hamran Snekkerverksted, Boffi,

Norway Does Productions, Einar Film, Princessgruppen AS.

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